The Most Critical Things to Know About Finishing a Basement

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A Finished Basement will add value to your home.

But you need to read these great tips before starting your renovation project.


Remember that if you have hired a Contractor, he will take care of every step mentioned below, and then you can use these expert guidelines to understand the process and have some pro basement renovation ideas.


Permits and Inspections:

First thing first, Contact your local municipality and see if you require getting a permit for your project.
Residents of Ontario/ Toronto and GTA need to get a permit and complete the inspection in two or three steps.

Repair the Damages:

Before starting the process, you need to check for any cracks in the foundation walls, also check for any leaks, water drips or any other signs showing water marks.
Keeping your basement dry is critical to you and your families health.
A wet basement will cause the mold to grow and make a perfect place for all type of bacterias.
So make sure to fill all the gaps in the walls inside and outside of your home and check if that the ground is well distanced from the foundation.


Plumbing and underground piping:

Here you have options for doing the underground piping before the framing or do the framing first and then the plumbing.
Breaking the concrete and laying the pipes and finally re-concreting the floor.


Installing the membranes and vapor barriers:

A basement is a perfect place for moistures.
We already have taken care of the cracks in the walls and some other issues, but we are still not %100 secure against the moistures and molds.
The next step is to add vapor barriers to the floors and walls to make an extra layer against the humidity and avoid having a wet basement.
We do this step before finishing the framing.
By laying the vapor barrier for a couple of days and not finishing the walls and framing, you can check the amount of moisture that may pass through the membrane.


Framing and walls:

For attaching the framing such as wood or metal studs to the concrete you need something stronger than the regular nails and screws.
You might need to rent a power fastener(shotgun) as well and proper anchors for the walls to get the job done.


leave a gap between the framing and outside walls:

We can add an offset by adding a thin support between the framing and outside walls.

These supports or slats help us to level out the walls that might not be straight, plus that it keeps the moistures away.
We prefer to add metal strips, but you can use the wood as well.

Insulation and controlling the temperature:
Insulation plays a significant role for the basements.
It reduces sounds from the outside.
It will give you the control over the temperature.
And also an extra layer against the moisture.
Make sure to choose a type of insulation with a membrane on two sides.
Select the materials carefully, Many kinds of insulations are available in the market, for example, spray foam is one of them, choose the one that is suitable for your home.


Utility room:

The Utility room in a basement is a place for Water Heater, Water meter, and HVAC unit.
It is necessary to install a floor drain in it, and for sure you don’t need to finish it.
You have to leave enough space between the units for easy access and maintenance.


You can make a choice between a solid ceiling or a drop ceiling.
Drop ceilings require more overhead space and are mostly in use in offices.
But remember that a drop ceiling can give you easy access for maintaining the plumbing and electrical.
The tiles of a drop or suspended ceiling are removable and are easy to replace.



Whatever you choose for the heating you have to make sure that it works with the existing system in you home.
You already have HVAC system, and you need to tie to it.


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You can make sure to get the most out of your basement and prevent any undesired issues by contacting us and hiring the right contractor for your basement renovation project in Toronto and surroundings.