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Basement finishing & remodeling

undoubtedly the most important point with any basement renovation or other home-improvement projects is that it is an investment in your property.

And As time passes, it is going to increase the value of your household, and that is why we make sure that it is completed in the right manner to be able to secure your investment.

Therefore, you will certainly want to plan out your basement renovation simply by talking to one of our certified contractors.

Basement Contractors

We are Local Basement contractors locating in Toronto,

and we serve the Greater Toronto Area(GTA).

We are Licensed and certified contractors.

Call us for any full basement finishing & renovation and leave the rest to us.


Finishing your basement is an investment to your home.
Therefore we will do our best to give you a clear picture of what will happen and how the process works.

Working on a plan:

We as Professionals always value customers ideas.
Therefore it is critical to us to sit down with the Home-Owner and talk about the layout of the basement and type of materials to use.


Understanding is the key to finishing the project successfully and avoid any extra work.
We make sure that everyone has a clear vision of the project to avoid any extra work.

Time frame:

Finishing a Basement can take from 2 to 6 weeks, but again it all depends on the type of the work and materials to use also the size of the foundation and some other factors.

Quality of the job:

We are known for our quality services, in fact, quality work is our goal.
We spend the time to make sure every single thing is according to the expectations.

Customer satisfaction:

We at Thepipewrenchers have done an excellent job of keeping the clients happy, and everyone knows that there is a secret involve in our customer satisfaction, and the known secret is meeting expectations.

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Basement Finishing and Benefits:

Homeowners, looking to make certain for making use of their home to the optimum scope.
Families grow Over the years, and everyone in the family will look to have their private or semi-shared space, family members gather more and more stuff.
We at ThePipeWrenchers offer you the extra space at a low cost by Finishing your unfinished Basement, no matter what your reason is for needing it.

Many householders will think twice when it comes to finishing or renovating their home even though extra space or room is pleasant and is an investment, and the reason is mostly cost as well.
By selecting Thepipewrenchers Basement Contracting Services to finish or refinish the basement of your home, you will be able to escape these concerns.

And here are some of the benefits of having a finished basement in Toronto and GTA:

To have a healthier home by reducing the possibilities of mold development.

Providing an extra space for desirable activities:
youngsters playroom
movie theater
workout and training area
guests area
leisure space
Or even a space to rent out.

Improving the efficiency and insulation of the whole house, wich The Basement will be affected directly, and the living area and upstairs indirectly.

Basement projects in Toronto/ GTA and design Concepts:

The lighting like for example focus lights, fluorescent lights, and mood lighting is essential for any basement finishing projects in Toronto or GTA, as the basements have less access to natural light, consequently general lighting is a vital factor in your project design.
preserving and concentrating on the final goal, when designing the layout of a basement in any home, is critical.
And of course there is always challenges, but with the help of our Renovation specialists, we always defeat these issues together.
One of the possible difficulties in designing procedure in most projects is to deal with the support beams and pillars.
And the trick to get away with the challenge is to integrate them into the design to come up with an industrial loft area environment.
Using the basement will be more pleasant and comfortable by having a bathroom, and it will save you additional unwanted trips to upstairs.

Using the Basement for utilities and storage is common, we will consider these elements in the design to make a clean and pleasant living area.

Basement Renovation or Refinishing process:

Renovating the basement to fit your nowadays factors for those who already have a finished basement is a great plan.
If you contact one our basement specialist at Thepipewrenchers, the only thing you need to do is to keep your needs in mind.
Our specialist will analyze your basement and propose suitable layouts and designs.
And Soon after you agree with the plan, then, first of all, they will deal with the existing finish and strip it off of your basement.
The next step is to seal any gaps and existing cracks, and then they will place the windows.

Fixing and dealing with the entry doors and stairs or stairwell is next.
Then the contractor's next consideration is to check for the wirings in the ceiling, they fix or replace the existing wiring to make sure of proper wiring and electrical cabling in the ceiling for all your lighting preferences.

advantages of detachable Ceiling tile:

One of the most significant benefits of having removable ceiling tiles is to have easy access to the ducts, plumbing and gas valves and pipes and as well as utility wires for any feature service.

ThePipeWrenchers basement finishing company in Toronto is going to mount mold resist wall-tiles wich will stand against mold formation.
And the final step is to install floor tiles, and if necessary then the technician will install floor-tiles on top of an underlayment.

There are many other processes involve in remodeling a basement, but we tried to explain the course of action as brief as possible.

We keep all these factors in mind to present you with the proper and unique layout for your project.


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